Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will be made available to any of our tenants or employees upon request as required by state statute. State statutes have defined certain "sensitive personal information," including driver's license numbers, date of birth, and Social Security numbers, and we have adopted this privacy policy to help ensure the security of this sensitive personal information. Our self-storage facility collects sensitive personal information from our tenants in conjunction with the leasing process. The sensitive personal information may be used at our discretion to perform background checks, which may include a credit check before the lease is executed, anytime during the leasing process or in conjunction with collection of delinquent funds. The information may also be shared with law enforcement authorities. 

Our files containing sensitive personal information are kept in a room accessible only by authorized representatives of this facility, or they are kept in a locked file cabinet, the key to which is only accessible by authorized representatives of this facility. Any such information kept on a computer is either encrypted, password protected or the computer is kept in a location accessible only to authorized representatives of our facility. 

Our files containing sensitive personal information are disposed of either by shredding all document pages that contain sensitive personal information, or otherwise modifying the document (such as blacking it out or burning it) to make the sensitive personal information unreadable or undecipherable.